Agenda of Lectures by 

Visit. Professor Dr. Rainer Schenk, PhD. 

at Department AFM (Lviv Polytechnic National University)

Schedule of lectures: 

April/May 2016; duration of lectures: 180 minutes (with probability of short examination)

Content of lectures:

Controlling System of SMEs [applied science]

Case study Introduction and implementation of a smart Controlling systems for SMEs

This case study bases on real data of a small sized enterprise in the branch of manufacting of domestic aplliances. The enterprise is in the legal form of a corporation.

Data Base:

Blance sheet for the years 2011 and 2012, Profit and Loss accounting, current ecommic data of enterprise.

Work Plan:

I) Preparation of Ratio Analysis

1 ) Preparation Analysis of balance sheet.

2)  Preparating of profit and loss acounting.


II ) Coporate Goals

1. Preparation of Analysing data base by using special key performance indicators.

a) Analysis of Return

– Return on sales
– Capital Turnover

b) KPI of productivity

– personal profitability
– Raw material/Goods profitability
– rate of other costs
– rate of depreciation

c) KPI Sales

– inventory turnover
– Creditors DSO Maturity

d) structure of capital, debt, equity

– Equity ratio
– Debt ratio (short, medium, long term)

e) capital ratio before extraordinary items

f) KPI Finance

– Asset covery Type A
– Asset covery Type B
– Effective debt

g) KPI Cash Flow / Liquidity

– KPIs Cash Flow
– Debt repayment period

2. Interpretation of forms of Ration Analysis

3. Formulation and Determination of Corporate Goals


III) Operational Planning

  1. Planning of Turnovers
  2. Planning of Use of materials/raws
  3. Planning of costs of staff/employees
  4. Planning of other costs
  5. Financial results,  Planning of interest and repayment.


VI) Operational Control

  1. Plan target comparison
  2. Target Actual comparison


V) Results and Conclusions, possible action